・No service fee.
・Automatically matched with jobs with the help of the information provided during registration. It is also possible to apply to job offers personally.
・Easy to approach the best offer from multiple job offers.
・People who have any kind of worries regarding Japanese can feel free to contact our staff.

It is a fact that even the people who have lived in Japan for a long time and know the manners and etiquette have a hard time getting employed.
This is not because the person is a foreigner. Even Japanese people have a hard time getting employed. It is because companies are always looking for employees who can turn into immediate assets.

We are providing a service to build the bridge between the companies and the job applicants and to make sure both parties’ needs are met.
Let us work together so that job finding in Japan becomes successful for you!

Job Applicants Registration

To the staff of educational institutions for exchange students

To the staff of educational institutions who have many exchange students, are you all set for securing a place of employment for your students after graduation? Nowadays, companies are looking for foreign workers because of the lack of Japanese personnel. People who can speak foreign languages are also very useful to the activation of inbound business. Do you not want to acquire information of companies which are looking to go outbound and are actively hiring?

There are many companies registered in our company which are actively hiring and there’s no mistake that capable exchange students studying in Japan can be assets to the Japanese companies. Please register in our site as the ‘Job Applicant Partner’ and let us help your institute find jobs for the students!

Job Applicant Partner Registration

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