Direct interview with registered job applicants and carefully selected global talented employees!

Currently, there are many talented people choosing Japan as the place they want to stay and work at. You can have direct interviews with any of the registered job applicants and confirm their work visa or resident card. Only applicants having the required manners, a JLPT certification and 3-4 years of residence approval in Japan are registered in our site through our company’s interview procedure.

No cost until employment and no unnecessary expenses!

It is a job offering service where the service fee is cut only after the actual employment of the applicant — ‘fee contingent upon successful employment method’. Companies which are looking for global employees can register their companies and publish job applications for free at BG Job Finder. There are 4 service plans offering various advantages (Check the main page for details). There will be absolutely no cost until the applicant is successfully employed!

Unlimited scouting and messaging

It is possible to chat, scout and interview the registered applicants after registering your company and job offer in BG Job Finder. There is no limit to the number of messages, scouting or interviews one company can take.

Support for the companies

There are cases where the manager or person in-charge in the company doesn’t understand the general system and laws of employing foreign citizens, which leads to a mismatch in employment and causes trouble and communication error between the company and the applicant.
At our company, we provide exclusive advice to companies who want to hire foreign citizens. Please feel free to make inquiries to our staff.

So, why not hire the perfect employee for your company from the over 2,000 registered applicants using our company’s matching service? For example, your company will be able to smoothly proceed to overseas markets by employing bilingual workers or make contact with foreign customers with ease.

【Types of occupations which are available for matching】
■ Travelling, hotel service, leisure
■ Information Technology (IT)
■ Engineering jobs
■ Jobs relating to capable personnel
■ Customer service, marketing and foreign jobs
■ Creative work, editing and publishing
■ Production, factories and warehouses
■ Specialized jobs
There are plenty of other different types of staff registered other than these.

Company Registration

Company Partners

To members registering as the representative of the company, we recommend registration as a partner who provides information of the companies. The ‘My Page’ section is well able to support companies who are not well rounded with the internet by easily providing them with information about job applicants.

Company Partner Registration

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