BG PLUS MEDIA Company Vision

BG Job Finder is a company specialized in introducing foreign talented personnel to work and has helped many companies grow accustomed to the global environment by helping them employ foreign personnel. Our aim is to help the companies with their employment procedure and help grow the companies to be able to properly deal with foreign staff.

Message from the company president

BG PLUS MEDIA helps a person exhibit their full ability to earn an income befitting of them. We are diligently working everyday to bring about an environment where the ‘working side’ and the ‘employing side’ are both happy.
The number of global personnel (=foreign citizens) who can speak Japanese and want to work in Japan are increasing day by day. Their feeling to stay in Japan for the rest of their lives is very strong

To help and support such people find jobs in Japan and to help the companies looking to hire them, we have created BG Job Finder.
Currently, Japan is facing an unprecedented labor shortage.

The situation is just worsening.
If not solved soon, Japan will lose its treasure—it’s technology.

It is difficult to acquire the personnel needed to provide the alluring ‘made in JAPAN’ products and services to the world in Japan so many companies are abandoning hope to advance to overseas markets.

The world is now moving towards AI and IoT at an increasingly high speed and at this rate, Japan will fall behind and will become unable to compete globally.
To develop the companies, it is necessary to hire more global personnel and improve and internationalize our working environment.
They will surely become your strong point in the future.

Company overview

Business office7-9-2, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan (106-0032)
RepresentativeThapa Keshab
Capital stock16 million yen
Admission-paid Job Introduction Business 13-ユ- 306441
General employee agency business 13-306085
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901 C-16, Komuro-cho, Funabashi-shi, Chiba 270-1471 Phone: 03-5843-0129 FAX: 03-6447-2495 Mobile number: 070-5583-2211 Email: