BG Job Finder’s service towards offering jobs

At BG Job Finder, we require global companies, which are looking to actively hire foreign employees, to register their job offers. Our service helps companies which are looking for capable personnel not limited to Japanese people and are having difficulties in employment. We accurately match them with the perfect job applicants. As our company is abundant in foreigner networks, you’re sure to find the kind of personnel you have been looking for.

Procedure of introducing foreign personnel

If you use this site, you can find foreigners who are highly skilled in Japanese and are knowledgeable with it Japan’s culture. All you need to do is register the job offer from ‘My Page’, check the job applicant’s information and look for the job applicant you would like to interview. Let’s first start by registering!

Publishing job offers at no cost

You can publish and use job offers free of cost in our website. Please feel free to consult with us. A good job offer is key to hiring capable personnel! Please aim to use phrases which are easy for foreigners to comprehend!

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BG Job Finder’s service towards job applicants

At BG Job Finder, we have tons of job offers from companies looking to hire foreign personnel and are matching job applicants with them. If you are looking to work at Japan or work with Japanese people, please register on our site and find the perfect job for yourself!

Support for foreigners to find jobs

You want to find a job in Japan but can’t seem to get the perfect one? There are very few companies looking to hire foreigners? We are offering support to such people who are looking to get a job! Please feel free to consult us about anything—starting from how to write a resume to giving the perfect interview!

Search for job offers at no cost

By using this site, you can view job offers from companies which are looking to hire foreign personnel. New job offers are published and updated very often. To avoid having your rival get the perfect job for you, please frequently access the site and find the job which is right for you!

Introducing jobs at Japan at no cost

There’s no cost for using the site so feel free to search for jobs and apply to the ones you like. Start by registering and searching for the kind of job you want to do. Feel free to consult with our staff if you are uneasy with Japanese.
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