Job Applicants’ Feedback

Mr. K, who has changed his job through BG Job Finder

I had been working for 3 years at a company for the same amount of salary as a newbie so when an acquaintance introduced BG Job Finder to me, I was able to change my occupation to a rapidly growing restaurant business. I am very grateful. On top of that, it is free of cost and their service is very courteous!


Mr. H

I had gotten tired from countless information sessions and interviews but after getting introduced to BG Job Finder, I was able to get employed to an employment agency at Yamanashi. On top of that, I received a 3 year working VISA and proper support from them at no cost till the end. I am very grateful.


Mr. HB

Even though I was able to part-time jobs easily, when it came to full-time jobs for a foreigner, the process was very meticulous. The companies asked many things and just when I was about to give up, I found BG Job Finder and was able to get employed to a communication job at a bank. I was finally relieved after finding BG Job Finder..!


Feedback from companies offering jobs

Representative of a Kanto Yakiniku chain restaurant

At first, I was worried about communication and what not but after considering the part-time job’s turnover rate, I boldly went and tried employing using the site. There were no problems in understanding each other or their work attitude. The employee is also amiable and good at serving customers so it was a big success. I am planning to employ more and more global employees actively from now on.


Representative of a Kansai manufacturing industry

The employee is willing to work late at night when there’s sudden high order demand from clients and he also accepts work in the weekends. Now his wife is also here, working together with him. I am very relieved to find such a capable personnel.


Feedback from job applicant partners

From a remittance company, Mr. M

There are many foreign citizens who visit the shop, looking to find work but I am unable to help them… During such a time, I found out about BG Job Finder and was able to introduce such people to jobs. They were very grateful and on top of that, I was able to get an income source where I didn’t expect any. I am able to introduce jobs to these people at free of cost so I plan on helping them out more and more!


Mr. E from an Ingredient shop

There were many job applicants and I had been unable to deal with all of them. That’s when I found BG Job Finder and was able to introduce jobs to people at free of cost. Moreover, I also receive a support fee so I am very happy.


Feedback from company partners

Company O

I was able to help a restaurant which was lacking in personnel by registering here at no cost. On top of that, I received compensation upon successful employment and gratitude from the customers so I feel like I have contributed to internationalization and helped Japan’s labor shortage. I will work more to introduce more people to jobs!


Former communication staff, Mr. A

I have connections with cell phone stores and communication agencies so when I introduced a company wanting foreign personnel to job applicants through BG Job Finder, I also received a surprising amount of compensation so it’s a win-win situation and I am very grateful for it! I will work hard to do the same from now on as well!

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